Diamond Glow

Diamond Glow

There are many microdermabrasion machines on the skin care market now days. Most of them do your general skin cleaning with vacuum suction ( which not only wisks away dead skin from the surface, but also stimulates collagan production), pore unclogging and smoothing over of the skin type of results.  What makes Diamond Glow different is that it was one of the first to come out as a "diamond micro" or "wet micro". Diamond Glow uses specific solutions for different skin concerns. For example; if you have acne breakouts, then we would start with the salicyclic based solution to help kill the surface bacteria and so on and so forth. Another example, if you have sensitive skin, we would use a solution that is safe for the most sensitive skin types. Since its launch, there have been many microdermabrasion machine copies of basically the same thing. A factor that could keep you on the side of Diamond Glow, that the others can not offer you, is they have a rewards program. Everytime you receive a Diamond Glow treatment, you earn points which then in turn grants you discounts in our office. We also offer a membership with this treatment. When on the membership, you receive: 10% off laser treatments, 10% of additional facial treatments, 20% off skin care products and $9/unit for botox. Receiving these treatments regularly once a month, will ensure that your skin gets clear, stays clear and continues to improve in clarity, texture and tone. Receiving these treatments on a monthly basis allows your products to work better for you and you will always have fresh dewey skin with that glow that everyone is trying to acheive.


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